I Feel my Language Skills Aren’t Good Enough

I Feel my Language Skills Aren’t Good Enough
10th March 2021
Adriana Fuster

In a previous blog post, we mentioned some of the reasons why you struggle with confidence when learning a foreign language. Let me start by saying that feeling like your language skills aren’t good enough is perfectly normal. You’re learning a new language and that’s a reality, they aren’t good. But what is enough? What standard are you setting for yourself?

When I feel my language skills arent good enough, I try to determine my level. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Do a free online test

There are so many websites out there where you can easily take a free test to determine your level. For example the Cambridge online English test or a test in other languages from Transparent Language. This will help assess your written communication skills and grammar, however, you’ll need something else to determine your conversational level in that language. It is possible to have a different level in conversation compared to your grammar skills.

  • Talk to an experienced teacher

Speaking to a person who teaches that language is very helpful, not only they’ll be able to assess your written skills but also to test your verbal communication skills. Learn with Adriana offers free 30 min trial lessons with experienced native teachers. After the trial, you will get an indication of where you’re at and a written analysis of problem areas and advice tailored to your needs. Book a trial today!

  • Go on a short course

I am not one for recommending to pay for language courses, as there is a lot you can do on your own time or with the help of a native speaker, however, if you’re the kind of person who learns better this way. You can find a short course to test your language skills.

The reason why I recommend any of these options is mainly because once you know exactly what your language level is, you may suddenly stop being so judgemental with yourself and accept that your language skills are not great, mediocre ir better than you thought. If they’re not great that’s fine, they’re not meant to be great yet, you’re learning! Give it time, keep up the good work and make sure you have a good support system that will help with your goal.