Adriana Fuster

Hi, I’m Adriana! I am a native Spanish speaker, all the way from sunny Valencia on Spain’s south east coast. Having an English teacher for a mother, I grew up speaking Spanish, English and Catalán at home, and I began teaching at the age of thirteen. I am also a fully qualified English teacher through the Cambridge Assessment of International Education.

By the time I was eighteen, I moved to England to study and travel, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people from other countries and cultures. I think it taught me a lot about the different ways to learn languages. When I finished my degree in Canterbury, I realised I wanted to teach for a living, and to use my experience of learning languages to help others.

Lots of people struggle to learn a language, and perhaps had bad experiences in school where it can be all ‘ticking boxes’ and never enough time for real individual immersion. I want to counteract that with the natural way to learn, at your own pace, but bringing languages to life with genuine conversation, personalised topics and role-play.

I’ve had students amazed at how much they have improved, and it’s been a real joy to eventually see them hold conversations fluently. I hope you’ll get in touch so we can discuss your language learning goals!

Being able to speak in another language, whether fluently or perhaps just a little, is hugely rewarding – whether for travel, socially, for business or even just for fun! Having developed a successful formula, one of the important steps we’ve taken is to seek out teachers of other nationalities, who really care about teaching, so we can offer effective training across a range of languages.

We focus on conversational learning, to enable you to hold conversations in your chosen language, and tailored to your unique interests. We provide a fun & memorable learning experience in a casual, supportive and comfortable environment. Most of our lessons are held in coffee shops, accompanied by your preferred beverage, but we also offer Skype lessons too for those on the move!

Our aim to teach as many people who would like to learn, and one day to setup a language school in Kent with links with other schools across Europe, because we feel language learning is a great way to stay connected.

Adriana Fuster