Terms & Conditions

By booking lessons with any of our teachers, we assume that you have read and agree with the following terms:


When you book a trial, lesson or package, Learn with Adriana (LWA) will liaise with you to arrange a meeting time/s and location to suit both parties. In the case of online lessons, the ‘meeting time’ should be understood as the agreed time to call.

LWA will offer you an initial trial lesson to discuss your intentions, preferences and aptitude, and also to share with you our teaching philosophy. Every effort will be made to provide students with a consistent tutor lesson to lesson, but LWA reserve the right to temporarily or permanently substitute an equally suited tutor should the need arise.

All tutors will offer a professional, friendly and appropriate level of tuition. They will be receptive to the student’s feedback and will undertake to deliver the most appropriate level of the content to suit the student’s intentions, preferences and aptitude. However, the tutor will take overall responsibility for lesson content.

Any matters relating to payment, scheduling trials/lessons or anything else can be discussed directly with Adriana at any time on +44(0)1227639399 or adriana@learnwithadriana.com.

Online Lessons

Students are advised to fully test their technical configuration for the agreed communication method, e.g. Skype, FaceTime, ahead of any lesson. Any time spent configuring these details during the lesson, e.g. if the video / microphone are not working sufficiently, will not be refundable.


The lesson time and location are considered to be “agreed” after the student has confirmed their acceptance of these details. If either student or tutor arrives at the agreed location at least 5 minutes after the agreed time, they will be considered “late”. These same terms apply to online lessons, where the time is understood as the agreed time to call.

If the student is late, with respect to both parties’ time, it is at the tutor’s discretion whether they may offer to provide the full lesson duration, thereby overrunning the original end time by some margin. Otherwise, the tutor will give the lesson only for the remaining (originally scheduled) time. If the tutor reasonably suspects that the student may not be attending, and the student has not communicated the situation to the tutor, the tutor will have the right to leave the venue after 15 minutes and the lesson will still be credited against the student’s package.

If the tutor is late, and if the tutor is able to, they will offer to provide the full lesson duration, thereby overrunning the original end time by some margin. If this is not agreeable, the tutor will further offer to add the outstanding time to a future lesson. If the tutor is later than 15 minutes and has not communicated the situation to the student, the lesson will be considered cancelled and it will not be credited against the student’s package. In the event of such a situation, please contact Adriana on +44(0)1227639399 or adriana@learnwithadriana.com.


Payment is expected in advance for all packages and individual lessons, at least 48 hours before your first scheduled lesson. If payment is not made 48 hours before your lesson, we reserve the right to cancel and/or re-allocate your lesson. This same rule applies to all parties attending a group lesson.

Cancellation / Rescheduling

We completely understand that students may need to move or cancel a lesson or lessons, due to unforeseen circumstances, possibly last minute. If students can give at least 48 hours notice of plans to move a lesson, LWA will reschedule the lesson free of charge, i.e. without crediting it against the lesson package.

If the student wishes to reschedule a lesson with less than 48 hours notice, we will follow this protocol:

  • First instance: LWA will reschedule the lesson free of charge
  • Second instance: LWA will offer a rescheduled lesson for half the intended lesson time
  • Third instance: the lesson will be credited against the lesson package