What is a Sunday Roast?
15th April 2021
Adriana Fuster

What is a Sunday Roast? Have you ever heard of it?

This meal is an English tradition that consists in… eating roast on a Sunday!

Let’s go back a little…

In the late 1700s during the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom, families would place a cut of meat into the oven as they got ready for church. They would then add in vegetables before going to mass. The juices were also kept to make gravy…yummy!

To the day the dish continues to be as simple as it sounds.

The meal involves the following…
  1. roasted meat
  2. roast potatoes
  3. Yorkshire pudding
  4. stuffing
  5. gravy
  6. mint sauce
And vegetables such as…
  1. cauliflower
  2. roast parsnips
  3. brussels sprouts
  4. peas
  5. carrots
  6. runner beans
  7. broccoli

But even though we call it “The Sunday Roast”, it’s food has also traditionally formed the basis of meals served on other days of the week. Meats might be used as sandwich fillings, roast beef may be chopped up with leftover roasted potatoes and some additional onion and then fried in a pan with oil and desired seasonings until somewhat crispy to make roast beef hash, lamb may be used in the filling for a shepherd’s pie, and vegetables might form the basis for bubble and squeak and in Scotland for the traditional stovies.

Sunday roast is a nice English family tradition but it is also common in many parts of Ireland!

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