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Wherever you are, you can participate in online lessons through your laptop, phone, or tablet. Each online lesson provides 1 hour of Spanish conversation and tuition. You can pay per lesson, or get the best deal by paying for a lesson package. Click on the dropdown list below to take a look at our deals!


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Our online lessons offer the opportunity to speak with a native teacher via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Messenger, or Zoom. Every lesson provides 1 hour or 30min of Spanish conversation and tuition. We also offer big packages of 25 and 30 lessons for those intending to do more than an hour per week. Your teacher may recommend how often to schedule lessons based on your requirements, although we understand this will depend on your availability. Check the table below to see all packages and their savings!

Lessons (1h)Price per lessonPackage FeeSavings
1 lesson£33£33£0
4 lessons£28£112£20
8 lessons£23£184£80
12 lessons£18£216£180
25 lessons£17£425£400
30 lessons£15£450£540

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Please get in touch for more information. We’d love to invite you to a free 30mins trial lesson to meet you and introduce ourselves, as well as giving you a taste of our engaging teaching style. We can also help you decide on the best package for you to continue your adventures in Spanish!

I am 43 years of age and it has been a lifetime ambition of mine to learn Spanish. Having finally made the time, learning with Adriana has not only been fun, but extremely rewarding. I am only 7 months into my journey, and learning at my own pace is really important with an action packed working life. I am fully supported, encouraged and made to feel comfortable as well as valued at all times by Adriana’s teaching. Learning a new language from the very beginning is hard, especially as you get older, but I am so proud of myself so far, and I’m determined to make Spanish a second language that I can hold regular day to day conversations in. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is, even though I have a long way to go. Continuing to learn with Adriana is really important to me, and although I know I have lots to learn I would recommend it to anyone. Not only for the personal satisfaction and achievement, but the style and personal approach Adriana applies to her teaching makes me feel part of a family. ¡Muchas Gracias Adriana!

Richard Y Learning Spanish

Adriana makes learning Spanish easy and enjoyable. She has a great knowledge of how to better your understanding of the language and help you with everything from grammar to conversation. She has been such a great help and her lessons have even helped me get a job in España! Can't recommend her enough.

Cliodhna M Learning Spanish

I have been studying Spanish with Adriana since July 2017. I am well into my sixties, and had tried to learn a language previously on my own, without success. Adriana has changed that. She is very patient and encouraging, essential qualities, as I am a slow learner. She has shaped the lessons, and yet allowed me freedom to follow my path. She is a warm person, and lessons are enjoyable. Learning a second language takes time and personal effort, but I wholeheartedly recommend Adriana to anyone who would like to speak some, or more, Spanish.

Irvin W Learning Spanish

I have been learning Spanish with Adriana for over a year and in doing so it has opened so many doors for me. I began taking group lessons with her and then after two months I decided to take the full plunge and have three private lessons a week. I just love the way that Adriana approaches teaching languages as she encompasses all aspects of communication in her method. Unlike in other courses (which I found to be very exam orientated), Adriana's method encourages you to read, write, listen to the radio, watch TV and speak with her, all in Spanish. This makes learning so much more fun and accessible, and has dramatically increased my confidence in using the language. Because of Adriana I am now au pairing in Spain and using the language skills gained through her programme. I would like to say a massive thank you to Learn with Adriana, and if you are looking to gain a new skill and learn a language then this is definitely the business to go with - it's life changing!

Caitlin M Learning Spanish

I look forward to my Spanish class with Adriana every week! She is incredibly good at explaining things simply, she is very patient and we share a lot of laughs in class. I find myself shocked each time I notice that I understand more and more Spanish as time goes on. I'm very much enjoying my time learning Spanish with her and will definitely be using her services to learn Italian in the future!

Chloe K Learning Spanish

I have had 7 months of weekly lessons with Adriana and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish. Adriana takes a very practical approach to teaching Spanish by incorporating the interests of the student into her lessons and readily adapting the content to suit the level of the student. The lessons are very relaxed and enjoyable, they have been invaluable for improving my spoken Spanish. Thanks a lot Adriana!

Evan B Learning Spanish

In addition to being a nice person, Adriana is a very dedicated teacher who clearly puts a lot of time and effort preparing the lessons, to give her students as good an experience as possible. She also has a lot of patience when dealing with beginners or those just struggling to express themselves. I did two courses with her, and would recommend her warmly. Muchas gracias por todo.

Auli T Learning Spanish

Adriana is a great Spanish teacher. I've been taking Spanish classes at a college, but I needed to improve my spoken Spanish and my confidence. Adriana is boosting that confidence and is encouraging, patient and kind. I look forward to our weekly Skype lessons.

Alison N Learning Spanish

Adriana is always very helpful and patient teaching Spanish, and she has tailored the lessons to suit my style of learning, and more importantly, subjects I am interested in. I would thoroughly recommend lessons with Adriana.

Matthew S Learning Spanish
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