Staycation in the UK? Yes, please!
12th March 2021
Selene Genovesi

Staycation in the UK? Yes, please! With March running fast and April just around the corner, we are all itching to leave behind the last year, with the house-office, the forever-worn leggings, and Netflix suggestions on what to watch next. The government’s news might be brighter than the sun outside, with hospitality finally reopening and a faint but steady image of us sipping white wine in the courtyard of a beautiful hotel or sharing peanuts, pints, and laughter with our friends in a beer garden.

As traveling abroad is still a big no-no, our thought naturally goes to the many wonderful places surrounding us. Just a couple of hours driving and we could be stargazing and wild swimming, walking and relaxing whilst indulging in what we nowadays call a “staycation”.

A cheering idea, indeed, but where to go?

Below we have a few suggestions for you, wherever you are in the beautiful land of the United Kingdom.

A glamping experience

With the days being longer and the weather milder, why not? All around us, there are companies set up for a wild adventure, with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. Just try and see!


A notch wilder, but with all the benefits of total freedom of choice, as well as complying with safe distancing rules. Pack your bikes and your walking boots to be completely immersed in nature. Perhaps a yoga mat, too?

A boutique hotel

They are so looking forward to seeing us again and we are so eager to let them spoil us with beautiful, earthy food and lovely-looking interiors. A paradise for the eyes and the soul.

A hotel and spa

A grand entrance, high ceiling, and that unmistakable, unique smell of excellent products used to relax at first “smell”. In a city or in the countryside, treat yourself with a massage to reset the year and start again with the right foot. Take a look at some of the HELLO! suggestions: 24 UK hotels you need to visit

A cottage rental

Yes, yes, and yes. If you are even a little like me, I am sure you understand my physical need of opening different drawers, going up and down the different staircases, and using a different shower. Everything but my own.

A historical break

Whether you have picked up a classical novel during the lockdown or you have always been interested in history, why not planning to finally visit a historical site? From the regency period to more contemporary events, from Boudicca to Adrian’s wall, there is so much we can learn only by looking at statues and paintings and remains.
Take a look at some of the suggestions from Good Housekeeping Institute: 22 UK staycations to inspire your post-lockdown summer escape

For more suggestions by Country Living: 13 of the best places for a staycation in 2021

Ultimately, our advise is to explore, relax and stay safe. We all have had ups and downs during the last two years and it is now time to rise again from our ashes, like beautiful phoenixes. Why not starting this re-new, re-found awareness with the recognition of how stunning is the country we live in?