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FaceTime Lessons

What do I need?

  1. Any Apple device such as a computer or laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone
  2. FaceTime app
  3. Internet signal – wifi or data
  4. Pen and paper.

Logging in to FaceTime (Apple mobile, laptop or computer)

There is no need to download this app or program, as it will already come installed on your device.

  1. You can find it by going to your search bar on your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer and typing the word ‘Facetime’
  2. If you have never used this app, it may ask you to log in with your Apple ID and password –  you can find your Apple ID on your iPad or iPhone by going on Settings and clicking the first tab where it estates the name of the device’s owner. Once you’re in there, right under the name of the person, you will see an email address, this is the Apple ID for that device. If you’re using a Mac, simply click on the Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Apple ID and you’ll see it there.
  3. When entering FaceTime write your Apple ID and password. And you’re in!

Connecting with your teacher on FaceTime

After your lessons have been scheduled through our calendar system, the calendar confirmation email should give you all of your teacher’s details including mobile number and email address. The teacher will proceed to ring you through FaceTime when it’s time for the class. The call will automatically appear on your phone. Make sure you’re somewhere with a good internet signal!

For the teacher to ring you we will need to following details beforehand:

  1. Apple ID (this is the email address belonging to the Apple ID for the device you’re using)
  2. Mobile number (if you’re using your iPhone for the call)

If you encounter any problems, please let your teacher know about it by contacting them on their mobile as soon as possible.