Top Two Reasons To Visit Greece!
22nd May 2021
Evanthia Fylaktakidou

Top two reasons to visit Greece!

Greece is one of the most famous travel destinations in the entire world. Every year millions of tourists visit Greece for their summer holidays. One thing is for sure … There must be a reason why Greece is so famous. Here’s why you should start planning your own visit asap!

The Beach

Greece is here to fulfil this need more than ever. After this tricky year, we could all do with golden sand and top-rated crystal waters! Enjoy the light breeze on your face and swim on these magic blue waters. Whatever place you choose, from Corfu (Ionian island northwest Greece) to Santorini (Greek mainland) and from there to Crete (south Greece) you will not be disappointed. Highlight your moment even more, with a cold Greek style coffee, Freddo espresso and Freddo Cappuccino to feel this endless relaxation, while you are laying on the beach!

The Food

For those who cannot resist good food and want both quality and taste, Mediterranean Greek food is a one-way road! Fresh fruit and vegetables are the main ingredients in the Greek diet. The extremely fertile ground, plus the warm weather, are the two main reasons why the products are so amazing. Examples such as juice tomatoes, extra virgin oil and signature ingredients, like feta and Greek yoghurt, could definitely verify it. All of them are fresh, and light. So, your stomach could not be happier! Moreover, Greek cuisine is also famous for the meat dishes, as it has plenty of local farms all over. Lastly, you cannot leave without trying the fresh fish! As you know, Greece is enclosed everywhere by sea. So, experienced fishermen go fishing every day providing us with the biggest variety and freshest fish!

We’ll soon be posting our first Greek recipe so stay tuned for more! If you’re getting ready for your next trip to Greece, why not do a speedy course by booking some Greek conversation lessons with me?